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UNIVERSAL Polypropylene SOCKs

PROSORBENTS™ Universal Socks are available in four, eight and ten foot lengths. Also custom lengths are also available up on request. ProSorbents™ Universal Socks are filled with precise consistency lessening the likelihood of liquid leak through point in the sock. ProSorbents™ Universal Socks absorb faster and exhibit great strength even under extreme weight and vehicle traffic.

ProSorbent Universal Socks makes spill response easy. No matter the liquid spill, this product will handle it.

  • Prosorbent™ Polypropylene Socks are flexible and can be molded into tight areas and around corners of equipment that may leak.
  • Sock used in spill containment creates a barrier to prevent spilled liquids from spreading.
  • Can be incinerated.
  • Polypropylene fill is highly absorbents and flexible.
Prod # Product Description Type WT lbs Pack U/Skid
SPS348U 3" X 48" Knit Sock, Polypropylene Fill. Socks 40 40/Box 18
SPS396U 3" X 96" Knit Sock, Polypropylene Fill. Socks 40 20/Box 18
SPS3120U 3" X 120" Knit Sock, Polypropylene Fill. Socks 40 15/Box 18