Spill Containment Berms and Tarps

Orange Premium Drain Guards and conical plugs

Tarps & Tarp Kits

Roll off Tarps, Tarp Kits and Fitted Tarps:

  • Designed to resist wind and rain for long-term use.
  • Great for network transformers, engines, small vehi-cles, building supplies or any large piece of equipment.
  • Also excellent for use with containment pallets and decks.
  • A simple tool handy for spill response and decontami-nation.
  • UV inhibitors resist the effects of harsh weather.
Item # Product Description
TRP038WPMFG Roll off tarp with pockets
TRP001NPMFG Roll Off tarp with no pockets
TRP035 10.5’ x 25’ Fitted Front Tarp
TRP036 10.5’ x 25’ Lay Flat Tarp
TRP030TR Trash Tarp (12’ x 26’)
TRP004L Lumber Tarp 4’ Drop (16’ x 26’ x 4’)
TRP005L Lumber Tarp 6’ Drop (20’ x 27 x 6’)
TRP006L Lumber Tarp 8’ Drop (24.5 ’ x 27’ x 8.5’)
TRP037 Lumber Tarp 8’ Drop 3 pcs (24.5 ’ x 16’ x 8’)
TRP003ST Steel Tarp (16’ x 25’)
TRP038 Steel Tarp (16’ x 27’)
TRP034 Auto Tarp Reinforced
TRP040 Tarp Kit: 1-Tarp, 1-Roll-Pipe, 5– Bows, 3– 2” Ratchets, 1 Fixed Pipe, 3– Tarp Stops,
10– Bungee Straps, 1– Crank Handle, 3– U-Clamps, 3 3” x 5’ Tarp Straps.
For custom sizes please call for availability and pricing.

EPA 833-B-00-001 June 2000

Guidance Manual for Conditional Exclusion from Storm Water Permitting Based On “No Ex-posure” of Industrial Activities to Storm Water. EPA acknowledges there are circumstances where permanent, uninterrupted sheltering of industrial activities or materials is not possible. Under such conditions, materials and activities may be sheltered with temporary covers (e.g., tarpaulins) until permanent enclosure can be achieved