Rail Mats and Industrial Rugs

Orange Premium Drain Guards and conical plugs

Rail Mats

Pro Rail Mats

Pro Rail Mats are constructed of layers of highly absorbent material sandwiched between a high strength needle punched felt top layer and tacky black poly ground liner to prevent bleed through.

The UV resistant material comes in 60" rolls to fit between the rails and the 19" rolls are to fit on the outside of the rails. These items can be used sepa-rately or in unison. Although this product has been marketed for the Rail Roads in particular, there are many other ap-plications for which this product can be used. This product has been used on warehouse floors, forklift traffic, foot traffic in plants, foot traffic at oil spills, fuel de-pots, construction sites, and the list goes on.

Attribute ASTM MD CD Typical
Weight, oz./yd² D3776-96 - - 19.0
Tensile Strength (grab), lbs. per foot D5034-95 148.0 207.8 -
Tensile Strength (stretch), lbs. per foot D5035-95 46.6 65.8 -
Tensile Strength (Trapezoidal), lbs. per foot D1117-97 117.3 153.9 -
Elongation, % D5035-95 1.8 2.1 -
Ball Burst, lb. per foot D3787-89 - - 300.7


Absorbency Rate mL / sq. ft. 5 mL 15 mL 20 mL 25 mL 30 mL
Time in seconds to absorb 30 60 120 150 180


Prod # Product Description Type WT lbs Pack U/Skid
RAILMAT-60 Railroad mat 60" x 100' Oil only mat Boom 45 1/Bale 18
RAILMAT-19 Railroad mat 19" x 100' Oil only mat Boom 27 2/Bale 18

Regulations and Compliance

40 CFR 112.7 - SPCC planning requirements state that facilities subject to these regulations must have written plans in place discussing the products, countermeasures and procedures that are in place, or will be taken by the facility to prevent discharge of oil into waters of the United States.

40 CFR 122.26 - When applying for a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, facilities must have a plan in place that describes actions, procedures, control techniques, management practices and equipment available to prevent illegal discharge of pollutants into waterways.

40 CFR 263.30(a) - In the event of a spill, transporters must, "take appropriate immediate action to protect human health and the environment."

40 CFR 263.31 - Transporters, "must clean up any hazardous waste discharge that occurs during transportation…so that the hazardous waste discharge no longer presents a hazard to human health or the environment."