Loose Absorbents

Orange Premium Drain Guards and conical plugs

Cellulose Oil Only and Universal Particulates

Cellulose Oil Only Loose Particulates

Hydrophobic Cellulose Particulate Absorbents- a cost effec-tive absorbent alternative to polypropylene and peat moss for controlling and remediating CERCLA liquid hazardous waste. It absorbs hydrocarbons and repels water, and can be used to successfully remediate floating chemical spills while absorbing a minimum amount of water. Pro-Cel Hydrophobic Particulate can absorb over half a gallon per pound. It is available in 22 lb. bags of pelletized fiber particles, and is pourable in nature.

5500030 22 lbs. Bag of Oil Only Particulate. Oil Only 70 Bags per Pallet

Cellulose Universal Loose Particulates

Universal Cellulose Particulate Absorbents is a highly absor-bent used to absorb and control liquid spills in industrial set-tings. It is manufactured from recycled cellulose fiber and is non-selective (universal) in what it absorbs. K-Sorb® is a non-carcinogenic, low dust alternative to clay based absorbents and diatomite.

Universal Cellulose Particulate is available in 22 lb. Bags.

Universal Absorbency Analysis (1000 gallons free liquid)
Product Absorbency Ratio Absorbent Required (lb.) Disposal Weight (lb.)
Ecofiber 13 640 8,980
550001 Universal Particulate 4.0 2,085 10,425
Clay 1.0 8,340 16,680
Fly Ash, D.E. 1.4 5,900 14,240


5500001 22 lbs. Bag of Universal Particulate. Universal 70 Bags per Pallet