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Bio-Remediation Oil Only

Bio-Remediation Oil Only

29 CFR 1910.22(a)(2) - Floors in the workplace should be, "maintained in a clean and, so far as possible, a dry condition."

Oil Hawg particulate oil absorbent is a natural organic fiber that self remediates, which means it restores a surface to ac-ceptable levels for all plants and animals. Inoculated with mi-crobes along with essential nutrients, Oil Hawg enhances the bioremediation process in hydrocarbon based spills on land or water.

  • Oil-Hawg™ is designed to give you maximum flexibility during the application process. To aid you in your efforts we include the following features: Oil-Hawg™ can be delivered to the contamination site in bulk or in lightweight bags. By using bio-remediation treatment at the spill site, the massive cost associated with soil removal, transportation, dis-posal and soil replacement is eliminated.
  • The encapsulating material can easily be spread over large open areas or broadcast into hard-to-reach places as well.
  • Oil-Hawg™ can also be broadcast over contaminated bodies of water with no loss of effectiveness since it will displace water in order to absorb the oils.
  • Once applied, Oil-Hawg™ will begin absorbing the contaminating substance immediately. Af-ter saturation it can be removed and disposed of.
  • No matter what disposal methods are used, cost is far less due to tremendous waste reduction.
  • Oil-Hawg™ is a product that can be spread over a contaminated area where it will ab-sorb approximately twice (2x) its own weight in a variety of substances. It absorbs various oils, grease, crude petroleum, solvents and industrial use mixtures of hydrocarbons.
  • After collection Oil-Hawg™ can be placed in a centrifuge to reclaim approximately 70% of the spilled materials.
  • Not only does Oil-Hawg™ absorb these substances, it resists their displacement (leaching) when flushed with water. Even when saturated with water, Oil-Hawg™ will displace water in favor of hydrocarbons and continue to absorb them.
  • Oil-Hawg™ will self-bio-remediate when the proper moisture is present (30-50%). In creating Oil-Hawg™, we have added selected elements to make our product the best tool for bio-remediation and clean-up crews to collect and contain spills.
  • Whether the purpose is simply gathering and containing the spill, augmenting the degradation process in combination with Bio-Surge's PHASE II, (which will accelerate the degradation process), or to collect and reclaim the substance Oil-Hawg™ will get the job done!
OIL-HAWG 30 lbs. Bag of Oil Only Remediation Absorbent Oil Only 50 Bags per Pallet