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PRO-Solve Industrial Cleaners

Supply Pro, Inc presents the new line of Pro-Solve industrial Cleaner's and Degreasers. The four solvents are spe-cifically designed in attacking four separate areas.

  • Bunker ‘C’: For bilges, tanks, decks
  • General Cleanser :General Maintenance and around shop areas.
  • Pier And Deck : Removing oily deposits from wood, concrete and steel.
  • Tank Clean : Used at sea for the cleaning of gas freeing petroleum oil tanks.

PRO-SOLVE Bunker C Solvent

PRO-Solve Bunker 'C' Solvent - a highly concentrated solvent base emulsifier for removing bunker "C" and other petroleum based products. It can be effectively used to clean petroleum from cargo tanks, tank tops, decks and bilges.

PRO-Solve Solvent is available in 55, 33 and 5 gallon non-returnable steel containers or in bulk storage units.

This product is United States Coast Guard approved as an article of stores on board vessels.


PRO-Solve Citrus - a water base non-ionic detergent derived from citrus fruits. It is a non-toxic and mildly alkaline cleaner. It does not contain any petroleum hydrocarbons, It is specifically formulated to clean animal and vegetable oils. It will also remove mineral and petroleum oils.

This product, which is water based, is designed to improve cleaning efficiency with no toxicity while overcoming limitations imposed by petroleum based and harsh alkaline cleaners. It is also a very effective deodorizer when odor is a problem.

Citrisolv detergent is available in 55 gallon and 5 gallon containers.

PRO-SOLVE Pier & Deck Cleaner

PRO-Solve PIER & DECK CLEANER is a water based product formulated to remove
grime, dirt and oily deposits from concrete, steel and wooden decks.

PIER & DECK CLEANER can be sprayed, mopped or poured on surface. We recommend that surface be scrubbed with stiff bristle broom and rinsed

Product is available in 55 30, and 5 gallon containers or in bulk storage units.

PRO-SOLVE Tank Clean

PRO-Solve Tank Clean - a high solvency base emulsifier and cleaner with excellent oil-in-sea water emulsification ability. Often used for cleaning and gas freeing petroleum oil tanks while the ship is at sea.

When cleaning and gas freeing tanks from bunker ‘C’, crude oil and other petroleum, products using the “at sea method”, use 1 gallon PRO-Solve Tank Clean for each ton of Butterworth water used.

Product is available in 55 30, and 5 gallon containers or in bulk storage units.